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Bear Computer Systems excels in the development and application of performance monitoring and analysis tools. Not only is the analysis capability in its broad-based monitor line rigorous and extensive, the programs themselves are easily utilized and adaptable to a wide range of system performance situations.

Bear Computer Systems is a pioneer in the application of virtual disk software. In conjunction with memory disks and our disk shadowing pack ages, we offer a complete virtual disk product series that is unparalleled in the industry. For more information click on the product(s) of interest below.

A demonstration copy of BearWare® Monitor and MagicDisk software may be found here.

Bear Computer Monitor Products

Image Monitor (IMON)

IMON is an software monitor and image profiler that tracks coverage and performance of executing images or computer programs.

Disk Monitor (DMON)

DMON is a disk monitor that reduces downtime due to disk storage exhaustion. This software utility provides accurate disk usage monitoring of all accounts on the system, allowing a System Manager to compare current with past usage and immediately determine disk space allocation.

E-net Monitor (EMON)

EMON offers a valuable window into Ethernet trafic, eliminating guesswork in tracking down network problems and minimizing maintenance expense.

System Services Monitor (SMON)

SMON investigates the quality and operation of programs even where sources are unavailable, and serves as a time-saving training instrument for new programmers. It is a unique, powerful tool for monitoring, analyzing and debugging programs which use VMS System Services.

Bear Computer MagicDisk® Products

Lightning Performance Memory Disk

Memory disks function like normal physical drives, but much, much faster. This increase in performance is obtained totaly transparent to users and software applications.

Virtual disk that finds and treats a variety of I/O problems yielding higher performance. Bear's VirtualDisk solution may also be used to combine available space from many physical disks into one virtual disk. You will be amazed at the performance increase you will get with this solution!

Speed & Security Shadow Disk

Disk shadowing is a remarkable coupling of VirtualDisk capabilities. It adds all of the load-balancing and redundant-write protection of disk shadowing to the already outstanding features of its companion product, MemoryDisk. The flexibility of virtual disks makes it possible to shadow only critical data rather than the whole volume.

Remote Shadow/Security ResQue! Disk

ResQue! Disk provides Disaster recovery and offsite data backup.

Bear Computer Systems is a professional web design, computer consulting and custom software (programming) and IT infrastructure provider.

Bear Computer is based in, Los Angeles, California, near Hollywood, and conviently close to the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Pasadena, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica.

Our BearWare software products include IMon, EMon, SMon, DMon, run on Microsoft (XP, Vista, Server 2003, and windows 7), HP, unix, linux, VAX, VMS, Alpha, and OpenVMS.

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